Friday, July 18, 2008

A Strange Shopping List...

Joseph Kerekes acknowledged a trip to the local Wilkes-Barre Walmart with Harlow Cuadra, in which they purchased four (4) items: lighter fluid, a knife, KY jelly, and condoms... allegedly just hours before the murder. Here's my personal thoughts of the shopping list:

KY Jelly & Condoms: Joseph Kerekes mentioned in the Black's Beach transcripts that Bryan Kocis wanted to have sex with Harlow Cuadra, but it didn't sound as if that was something Cuadra was interested in. Certainly Bryan would have had these items on-hand... so were the condoms and lube purchased as an alibi, or was it because Harlow and Joe believed in protected sex? Doesn't it seem a little odd that Harlow would have planned to have sex with someone that they where going to kill?

Lighter Fluid: Bryan Kocis' body and house were burned (autopsy photo #8 shows deep burns to the buttocks... "which was most shielded"... "showing the intensity of the fire")... though reports say that no accelerant was officially found... interestingly lighter fluid is hard to trace... Joe didn't smoke, and Harlow is said to have only done so when he was 'stressed'. If you don't smoke, or hardly do so... wouldn't a Bic be a more logical purchase... though perhaps a Zippo would be easier to use to start a fire?

Knife: From what I understand... this knife is termed as being a "multi-tool" knife, and that the blade was around 5"-6" half-serrated. Now why would you purchase another knife, when you just bought one the day before, and 'conveniently' left it in your BMW's glove-box?