Sunday, July 13, 2008

Joe's Alibi Witness Email (1)

Sent: Friday, February 01,2008 10:31 AM
To: Hacken, Francis J
Subject: RE: Test

Hello Sir,

Per our phone conversation I did not see or was I in the company of Harlow on the 24th of Jan 2007, the last date I saw him was the 20th of Jan. 2007. He sent me an E-mail on the· 25th of Jan. asking for money to attend a webmaster course.

I believe my schedule for the end of jan. On the 19th I checked in to the Hilton in Virginia Beach and met them around 5PM. The next day on the 20th I met with Harlow around 9AM till 1PM, that is the last time I saw him in person. I left Virginia Beach the 21st and traveled to Williamsburge, VA and stayed in on of the Parks Hotels, I left on the 22th of Jan to return to Fayetteville, NC. I stayed at home from the evening of the 22th to the morning of the 29th at home.

Before I knew of the investagation I arranged an other appointment during the period of 8-22 mar 2007, I was informed I had to prepay for this, I paided around $4000.00 ducing the month of Feb 2007. I recieved an e-mail for staryeyes on mar 8th stating they had to cancel because of the investigation.

The last contact with the two of them was in the month of May 2007, I thought since several months had passed and no charges were filled then I beleived their story and the investation moved to different suspects.

I hope this is what you needed sir, If you need more information then let me know. Also if they do wish to call me as a witness please let me know as soon as possible so I can arrange my schedule.

Thank You,

Matthew Brannon