Sunday, November 11, 2007

Could This be Harlow's Alibi Witness?

Shortly after Harlow Cuadra became a suspect in the brutal murder of Bryan Kocis, his lover and business partner Joseph Kerekes (Mark) states to reporters that Harlow was 'working' in Virginia Beach the night Bryan was killed (The Times Leader reported on February 9, 2007 that Harlow said he was with a client for three hours). Harlow's previous attorney Barry Taylor even makes a statement after Harlow and Joe's arrest that "his client has an alibi, a reliable man who puts him in Virginia Beach at the time of the murder".

Is it possible that 42-year old Nepthali Cuerpo Malaki of Virginia Beach, VA is the witness/alibi in question:

aka... nep malaki:

aka... nep:

aka... internetguy134:

aka... pinoyguy165:

Nep (aka... pinoyguy145) also readily admits to being a client of Harlow's for 6 years in a chat with Jody Wheeler back in February:

Nep (and his aliases) has spent an unusual amount of time praising Harlow over the past 10 months... perhaps it's simply an infatuation with Harlow... another purpose... both... or just maybe this is one of the alibi witnesses the DA claims to have lied.

Guess we'll find out when the judge rules on the motions filed.