Friday, November 16, 2007

Harlow Cuadra's 'Witness' Responds...

I received an email yesterday morning from Nepthali Cuerpo Malaki of Virginia Beach, VA responding to a post I did a few days ago in regards to the DA accusing a witness, or witnesses of lying about Harlow's whereabouts the infamous night Bryan Kocis was brutally murdered:


I just sawmy picture on the net postedyes my name is Nep I know Harlow cuadra for six years I was with Harlow on Jan 24, 2007around the day time hours one thing I want to clarify is when I talked with Harlow that dayI asked him what is he going to do the rest of the day? one thing I noticed a silver vehicle parkedi aske him did you buy this vehicle no he said he rented it because he was going to drive town as i could remember he said camping trip. yes I have chatted with Jody Wheeler cause I read a article about Harlow being question about the murder in pa. one thing I want to say is when this happened to Harlow Ihave been there for him 100 percent and supported him and I will continued to do so as I promise him and his family."

Now what makes this whole thing so strange is that a source tells me that Nep contaced them about being an "alibi" too. They referred him to the district attorney's office. Apparently a detective spoke with him about his and Cuadra being together that night. Once the detective told Nep he could be arrested for providing false information to police, he recanted his story.

With that in mind, one can only wonder why Nep would continue to tell this same story, when Joseph Kerekes has already placed Harlow at Bryan's house the night of the murder. Somebody's lying, I just don't know who.