Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Harlow and Joe's Dockets Updated Today

Update 11/23/07 @ 12:27 PM: The Times Leader has picked up the story, and basically reiterates what was mentioned in the previous update, one bit of new information though is that "the prosecutors want a judge to postpone all matters in the homicide case until attorneys from outside the public defender’s office are appointed to represent him" [Cuadra].

Update 11/23/07: The motions filed by the DA this past Wednesday was for the following reason:

The DA says the public defenders should not represent Cuadra because of a conflict of interest. Attorneys Al Flora and Jonathan Blum previously represented Bryan Kocis and might be called to testify at the Cuadra/Kerekes trial. Flora and Blum are public defenders, creating a conflict of interest.

If you recall, the public defenders office previously presented this motion to Judge Mark A. Ciavarella, Jr. on 10/12/07.

Both Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes' dockets have been updated today:

1. 11/21/2007 Comm's Motion to Disquaify PD's Office to Represent Def-Harlow Cuadra filed by Luzerne County District Attorney's Office

2. 11/21/2007 Comm's Brief In Support of Motion to Disqualify PD from Representation of Def-Harlow Cuadra filed by Luzerne County District Attorney's Office

I'm trying to find out exactly why these motions were filed, as I'd prefer to not speculate. Not sure I'll get an answer until Friday, but here's to keeping my fingers crossed.