Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Harlow Cuadra Responds to Out Magazine

In a letter to the Editor on page 26, Harlow Cuadra writes:

I want to thank Out for publishing the article on the death of Bryan C. Kocis, [October 2007, "The Case of the Cobra Killer"]. I would also like to thank Michael Joseph Gross, for putting it all together in an unbiased form. Joseph M. Kerekes and I were at our most vulnerable when the interviews (with Mr. Gross) for that article took place. Your writer could easily have exploited us for information or cast a darker cloud over us in order to make the story entertaining. He did neither. Mr. Gross was also sensitive and considerate when interviewing Joseph's elderly parents. He was a complete gentleman and an excellent ambassador for Out.

Your new Out reader 4 life,
Harlow R Cuadra
Scranton, PA