Saturday, November 17, 2007

So Just Who is this Alibi/Witness Nep?

That's a question I've been asking myself for the past week. Who is Nepthali Cuerpo Malaki (aka Nep), and why would he risk his own freedom to 'save' Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes?

Since it's the weekend, and with nothing else better to do... I went looking:

Nepthali/Nathaneal has lived in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area most, if not all of his life. From Shelton Park Elementary in 1977, to attending Tidewater Tech in 1999.

He also seems to have had some trouble with finances... first starting with a judgement against his real estate on 12/17/02 for the small sum of $36.81 to Scotts Express Lube, Inc.:

Then Nep has a warrant in debt filed against him on 12/21/06 for $3,198.08, with the plaintiff being Ingram Auto Sales, a default judgement was granted on 4/13/07:

Apparently Nep chooses not to pay... so the court garnishes his wages on 04/23/07... while being employed at a local Norfolk, VA Wendy's. The garnishment is eventually satisfied on 8/31/07:

Maybe it's just me, but financial problems seem to be a recurring subject in this entire case. One has to wonder what Nep's motive really is in trying to help Harlow and Joe. Perhaps he truly is nothing more than a concerned friend... or just maybe there's something else motivating him.

Correction: I had initially reported that Nep was married, and then divorced. I've since discovered that it was actually a brother of his, and not Nep. So that reference has now been removed, and I regret the error.