Monday, December 29, 2008

You asked... PC Answers... (As best I can).

I've decided to go ahead and start posting some of the answers early, mainly to ensure that questions won't be asked in duplicate. You're still welcomed to ask away... here... until January 4. There's a lot more questions to answer, and I'll be adding them as soon as I can.

DManely asks... "You posted a witness list for the trial that included several out-of-state witnesses including California residents Grant Roy and Sean Lockhart. Since murder trials often include postponements and delays, and presumably people need to support themselves at their jobs, etc. participating in an lengthy trial could be a severe interruption in their lives. And if a witness lives in another state, I don't understand how a Pennsylvania court's jurisdiction would apply to that witness. Would you happen to know what specific mechanism of U.S. federal law compels a witness in another state to show up in a Pennsylvania courtroom if it is a hardship to testify?"

PC Answers: Ironically, we touched on this very same subject back in August, 2007. Here's a basic rundown.

Jim asks... "So, who's been living at the Stratum Ct. house these days?"

PC Answers: To be honest with you, I have no idea. While I do know it's not Joe's or Harlow's family, who it is exactly will likely remain a mystery, as I'm not real keen on going to the door and asking "who are you?". :)

Geoff Harvard asks... "Who now occupies the house at 1028 Stratem Ct., Virginia Beach, VA 23451, and does this occupant have any connection to the former occupants, Harlow and Joe, or to the developer?"

PC Answers: See above answer to Jim :). I do know that the developer has nothing to do with it, but I checked with a source, and it appears that Harlow and Joe have signed over title to a third person, however, the title change has currently not been submitted. I can only assume that this person is waiting to see what happens with the trial's outcome, and yes, this person does have a connection with Harlow and Joe, but I don't believe they're currently residing at the house.

Anonymous asks... "What is the current status/location of Joe Kerekes? Has he been transferred for “processing?” Where do you think will be the final “permanent” assignment Joe will be located at?"

PC Answers: To the best of my knowledge, Joseph Kerekes is currently at SCI Camp Hill, and will remain there for about 6 weeks or so. In regards to his 'permanently' assigned prison, I'm going to guess that it will either be SCI-Forest, SCI Frackville, or SCI Graterford. I'll certainly post a story on this once he's transferred.

Anonymous asks... "Do you know if the investigating authorities checked to see how many times Harlow spoke with Sean Lockhart after the Las Vegas Gay VN’s and prior to the murder of Brian Kocis? Were their text messages and e-mails retrieved? (Obviously they could have been and this would be an interesting read!)"

PC Answers: I don't know for a fact, but it would only make sense that the criminal investigation would've sought such communications. While there's been no mention of it thus far, it's entirely possible that it's part of the discovery, which naturally won't be made public until the trial.

Rob asks... "Evidence, property belonging to Bryan Kocis/Cobra Video survived the theft by Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes. Which of the two suspects decided to retain this evidence intact? Was any of that purloined evidence tampered with or destroyed? Did the pair keep this evidence whole in order to blackmail either Kocis survivors, Cobra patrons, and/or Cobra Video models?"

PC Answers: I'm not sure which one decided to keep the evidence... though if I had to guess, I'd say it was probably Harlow. In regards to evidence being destroyed... there was no 'bon-fire'... surprisingly... most of it was kept and seized. The only 'blackmail' I've read/seen is Joe telling Grant: "and we all know what u said to us at the avn in vegas and we have it on tape recorder and out conversation at le Cirque is recorded as well dont fuck with us"

DeWayne in San Diego asks... "PC Do you believe Joe Kerkes was in the Fox ridge Inn during the murder as he allocuted?

Or do you think he lied and was in the SUV awaiting Harlow doing the deed then opening the door so Joe could help loot the place."

PC Answers: Oh I definitely think Joe was in the SUV and assisted Harlow in looting Kocis' house. To me, one of the dead (no pun intended) giveaways was Joe's two cellphones pinging the same tower on Country Club Road. I seriously doubt Harlow was calling himself with a phone in each hand:

"In reviewing the records for Kerekes’ multiple cell phones, it was determined that one cell phone registered to Kerekes placed a call to another cell phone registered to Kerekes at 8:34 p.m. January 24, 2007. The signal from this call bounced off a cell tower located at Country Club Road, Dallas, Pennsylvania which can be seen from the Kocis residence, Prelim. Hrg. Trans.. Vol. IL. pg. 161"

quickysrt asks... "What evidence was found in the rental SUV so far as blood, fiber, etc.?"

PC Answers: I've heard from several sources that Bryan Kocis' blood DNA was found in the SUV, but since this would be considered discovery, and not something that would be made public until the trial, I have no way of being able to actually confirm that this is accurate.

Rob asks... "What kind of access did Robert Wagner have to Kocis' computer passwords, codes, and files?"

PC Answers: I haven't the slightest idea.

will g asks... "Any further information since your anonymous tip confirming Mitch Halford as the sugardaddy -- I mean generous donor behind Harlow's new lawyers?"

PC Answers: I'm not sure what additional information could be had. Harlow's attorneys certainly won't divulge who's paying them, but I'm 100% certain that Mr. Halford is the payee, just as he was for Fannick. I wish I could elaborate more, but there's only so much I can say (for now) about certain things.

DeWayne in San Diego asks... "Question PC is there anyone on the Revised Witness list that is a mystery to you? Someone you can't fathom why they would be called?

If not would you say the witness list reflects a Prosecution case that seems remarkably "Tight and Tidy""

PC Answers: I feel like this is a trick question. :) Seriously though... no, everyone on the revised list makes sense to me, and I definitely think the Prosecution has done the right thing.

Rob asks... "PC-- Any thoughts as to why Harlow would keep any of this evidence intact? It would certainly be damning if recovered.

Was Harlow in the process of being filmed (casting couch) by Kocis on night of murder? That is, was a tape disk found in the video camera recovered in the raid on the Cuadra-Kerekes' bordello the subject matter focus of the images thereon Harlow Cuadra?"

PC Answers: Good question. I'm not sure why they kept some of the evidence, perhaps as a souvenir? I do know that some damning evidence was found, but as to specifics... I'm not at liberty to say. Folks that commit murder certainly are known to do some odd things though.

To the best of my knowledge... there's been no mention or evidence presented of Harlow being filmed, or a tape disk being found in the video camera(s) seized, so I really can't comment on that.

Anonymous asks... "Suppose, for the sake of argument, that Grant and Sean were aware of any plans H&J may have had to murder Brian Kocis. What is (would have been) their TRUE criminal Liability in that scenario under Pennsylvania G.S.s? Would this have possibly been motivation to cooperate with the authorities?"

PC Answers: Well it could've been anything from inchoate murder to failure to report a crime. Based on the DA's thinking though, Sean Lockhart, Grant Roy, and Robert Wagner are currently 'freed' of any possible involvement.

As to the motivation to cooperate with the authorities, I'm guessing they're doing such because it's the right thing to do, would look a little odd if one wouldn't cooperate. The unfortunate thing however, is that we don't know what was really said during the Vegas dinner, and nor do the authorities... so it's all hearsay.

Anonymous asks... "Are you planning to write a book on this case?"

PC Answers: It's crossed my mine, though I already feel as if this blog is pretty-much the same thing. Assuming there's a publishing company out there that would be interested, I might entertain the idea after the trial.

More to come... and 'regular' comments are certainly welcomed on this post.