Monday, December 15, 2008

Harlow's Savior... Again?

On December 10, 2008... paid attorneys' Joseph D’Andrea and Paul J. Walker filed notice in Luzerne County Court, formally declaring their intention to represent Harlow Cuadra in the murder trial of Bryan Kocis.

While the attorney switch is still subject to approval by Judge Peter Paul Olszewski, Jr., one has to wonder how Harlow could come up with the money to afford 'hired' attorneys... again.

The first time this happened was back on January 28, 2008 when Harlow Cuadra hired attorney Demetrius Fannick... then after several months and motions, Fannick was removed. The retainer for Demetrius Fannick alone is said to be approximately $50,000.00 - I'm told most of which was given back after his removal.

So who's been 'bankrolling' Harlow's paid defense(s)?

Sources that currently wish to remain anonymous, due to the sensitivity of this story, tell me that it's Howard Mitchell Hallford... aka Mitch Halford... also known for allegedly letting Harlow use his vehicle when Joseph Kerekes wouldn't allow Harlow to drive one of his own, and for providing the vehicle that was used for Harlow and Joe's infamous trip to Florida.

It's also been alleged that Mr. Hallford's source for the lawyer financing is through his own retirement fund(s). Guess he's looking for a good return on his investment.