Saturday, December 13, 2008

Was Joe's Plea Really a Surprise?


From Joe's jailhouse confessions (Part 1): RODDEN further stated that on another occasion, KEREKES stated that he was drinking at the Fox Ridge Inn and at one point “passed out”, as though he might utilize that as a defense. KEREKES stated; “they wont be able to get me for murder. Harlow went out to meet the guy, and he wont say anything about it, because I told him not to. I’ll get out in five years and make tons of money off of this”. RODDEN hypothesized that KEREKES was going to testify against CUADRA and, “get a deal”.

In conclusion, RODDEN stated that although KEREKES never confessed to killing the victim, “he (KEREKES) pretty much told me how him and that other guy (CUADRA) did it”. RODDEN further hypothesized that KEREKES “probably put the kid (CUADRA) up to it, and now he’s gonna try to hang him out to dry. I think he (KEREKES) was at (the victim’s) house though, whether he did the stabbing or not. He (victim) didn’t deserve to be treated like that”.

Joe's jailhouse confessions (Part 2): It should also be noted that RIGGS hypothesized that KEREKES played more of a role in the victim’s murder, however according to RIGGS it was apparent that KEREKES was attempting to make CUADRA appear to be more criminally culpable in this case to “take the fall” if someone was going to.

... and from Joe's jailhouse confessions (Part 3): TOLLEY related KEREKES said he and “the other guy” killed some guy because of competition. TOLLEY added KEREKES kept saying, “him (KEREKES) and the other guy killed the guy in Pennsylvania.” KEREKES also said he was turning States evidence against the other Dude.


Melnick said Kerekes told them Cuadra decided to “eliminate” Kocis, purchased a .38-caliber gun and knife from a Virginia Beach pawn shop and rented an SUV to drive to Pennsylvania. Melnick said Kerekes and Cuadra traveled together and Kerekes said he paid cash for a room at the Fox Hill Inn because the motel had no security or surveillance. They paid for the room in cash so they could not be tracked.

Melnick said Kerekes told them the two did surveillance on the Kocis home prior to the homicide, and that Kerekes participated in e-mail correspondence sent to Kocis before his death. Kerekes told attorneys he was aware Cuadra intended to kill Kocis, and the lighter fluid and lighters used to set the blaze were purchased at Wal-Mart.

Kerekes said he stayed at the motel while Cuadra went to the Kocis home. When Cuadra returned, he said he had murdered Kocis and set the home ablaze, according to Kerekes. Prosecutors said Kocis’ throat was slashed to the point his death was ruled homicide by decapitation.

Kerekes told attorneys Cuadra returned with several items belonging to Kocis, including a Rolex watch, camcorders, tapes, computers and Kocis’ cell phone. They discarded the murder weapon and some of Kocis’ belongings.

My conclusion: While things certainly didn't work out the way I'm sure Joe would have liked for them to... I guess we could have seen this coming. No wonder the Prosecution doesn't want Joe to testify... it would be an absolute mess.

Though Joe won't be testifying against Harlow Cuadra at trial... I've heard from two different sources that some 'interesting' things came out in Joe's ellocution, that apparently requires more investigating. Perhaps in the end, Joe will still get the last laugh.