Sunday, December 14, 2008

Could it be the Rolex?

As I mentioned in a post yesterday... during Joe's guilty plea negotiations, he mentioned something(s) to prosecutor's that apparently required additional investigation. Now after speaking with several sources again, I'm willing to put my neck on the line (even though I could still be wrong), and publicly state that I think it's the whereabouts of Bryan Kocis' Rolex watch, which was stolen from his house on the night of the murder.

Interestingly... Joe allegedly made this statement while he was in a Virginia Beach jail: “It should be noted that RIGGS questioned KEREKES’ story regarding taking the victim’s watch, as KEREKES had previously bragged about owning numerous items of jewelry, to which KEREKES responded, grinning; “I wanted it”.

I can only assume that the family would appreciate getting the Rolex back at some time.