Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Background Check...

Since we're still a couple of months away from Harlow and Joe's trial, I've been going over all of the evidence that's been offered (again and again acutally), and one of the things I haven't been able to understand is why Harlow Cuadra & Joseph Kerekes bought the background check for Bryan Kocis... especially since it would've provided more circumstantial evidence against them.

So I took a look at, and it would appear that the background check Harlow and/or Joe (Harlow's credit card was used, but we don't know which one ordered it) bought was apparently the "Extreme Background Check", which is advertised as:

"Our premium report. We search over 24 databases and billions of records. You get a highly detailed, easy to read report".

Included in your report:
  • most current, updated info
  • address and phone history
  • birth date, age
  • aliases / maiden names
  • marriages, divorces
  • court records & personal assets
  • relatives, roommates, neighbors
  • property ownership
What's interesting is that Harlow & Joe didn't spring for the extra $10 fee for "criminal records" or "business ownership" information. The whole thing seems odd, that is unless Sean and Grant really didn't tell them much, so they had to go digging... or perhaps they did... and H&J were looking for something else.

While we probably won't know the real answer until after the trial begins... what are your thoughts?

Update 10/27/08: I've gone ahead and purchased (or wasted) a people search ($39.95) from for Bryan Kocis... now I'm not sure if it's simply because he's been deceased for over a year, or what... but there really isn't that much information to be had... other than addresses, a phone number, and a few other things. The entire report is 7 pages, but I'll only be posting the first page, since I don't feel like spending the entire evening blocking every family member/neighbors' phone number and address out:

Based on this report... I can only assume Harlow and Joe knew nothing about Bryan, and used this in the hopes of trying to gather as much information as they could (which honestly doesn't look that impressive).