Thursday, October 23, 2008

Harlow Cuadra Get's Sued Again...

Harlow Cuadra

Two separate civil lawsuits were filed today in Virginia Beach General District Court, both are against Harlow Cuadra by the City of Virginia Beach Treasurer's Office . They're listed as a "Warrant in Debt", and one of the lawsuits also lists Norfolk Companions, Inc. as a defendant. The hearings are scheduled for 12/03/2008 at 8:30 AM, though I'm sure this will easily result in being ruled a default judgement(s), since the lack of Harlow being able to attend and/or afford an attorney is pretty obvious.

No civil lawsuits have currently been filed against Joseph Kerekes.

Harlow Cuadra Lawsuit 1Harlow Cuadra Lawsuit 2

Update @ 10/26/08: A reliable source has told me that the reason for the lawsuit(s) is because of bounced checks/payments that were made last year for personal/business property taxes (the vehicles: Viper, Corvette, Honda, etc...) equaling around $5000.

Apparently what happened was the checks were written by Joe to pay the property taxes on the vehicles at, or around the same time the Commonwealth of Virginia seized their bank account, causing the checks to bounce. Since they haven't been repaid, the City of Virginia Beach has taken Harlow to court because all of the vehicles were either in Harlow's name, or that of Norfolk Companions, Inc... with Harlow being the person named legally responsible.