Friday, October 3, 2008

Pennsylvania State Police Incident Report

On 05/15/07, this Trooper obtained arrest warrants for aforementioned individuals for criminal acts further illustrated within this report. Charges were filed at and warrants were obtained from District Magistrate James Tupper, 11 Carverton Road, Trucksville, Pa., PH#XXX-XXX-XXXX. Warrants were subsequently faxed to Officers with the Virginia Beach Police Department. Officers then took above named accused into custody pursuant to a traffic stop. Reports from said Department shall be attached hereto. Both individuals were then charged with “Fugitive From Justice” within Virginia Beach jurisdiction, and were lodged subsequent thereto within the Virginia Beach Correctional facility.

Charges levied against aforementioned accused are as follows:


-Criminal Homicide, PACS, Title 18, 250 1(a)

-Criminal Homicide (Conspiracy), PACS, Title 18, 903(a)(1)/2501(a)

-Criminal Homicide (Complicity), PACS, Title 18, 306(b)(3)(ii)/2501(a)

-Burglary, (along with corresponding conspiracy), PACS, Title 18, 3302(a), along with 903(a)(1)

-Robbery, -(along with corresponding conspiracy), PACS, Title 18, 3701(a)(1), along with 903(a)(1)

-Arson (2cts), (along with conspiracy), PACS, Title 18, 3301(a)(1)(i)/3301(a)(1)(ii), along with 903(a)(1)

-Theft by Unlawful Taking, PACS, Title 18, 392 1(a)

-Tampering with or Fabricating Evidence,(along with conspiracy), PACS, Title 18, 491 0(1 ),with 903(a)(1)

-Abuse of Corpse, PACS, Title 18, 5510

-Criminal Use of Communication Facility, PACS, Title 18, 7512(a)

Charges levied against accused KEREKES were identical, with the exception of Criminal Use of Communication Facility, which was not included within the charges for KEREKES.