Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Evidence That's Really Wanted?

After Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes were arrested, several items were seized from their black BMW:

"Among the items seized from the Defendants’ during the inventory search of their vehicle by the Virginia Beach Police Department were: a “SigSauer” folding knife, a “Sony” laptop computer, a black bag containing a “Toshiba” laptop computer and a “Sprint” mobile air card. The Virginia Beach Police Department turned these items over to the Pennsylvania State Police on May 18, 2007."

Interestingly, when the DA's office filed their answer to Kerekes' motion, they also included the same RICO warrant information that the Defense did (Exhibit 1)... but... they also added this Incident Report Related Property List page:

#41: Cellular Telephone with Cord - Nokia 6030 - Qty. 1
#42: DVDS, Pornograph - Qty. 1
#43: Combat Knife with Case - Sig Sauer - Qty. 1

Other than the knife, it'll be interesting to know what significance the other 2 items have with this case. (for those that are 'new' to this case... here's a list of items that were seized by VA for the RICO forfeiture).