Monday, October 20, 2008

Whatever Happened To... Part Deux

As blogger Jim once said: "Some comments here are so interesting, they really deserve their own seperate threads. This IMO is one of those instances"...

I'm also caught with facing the same dilemma in a comment that was just recently made:

"DeWayne In San Diego said...

PC I think we have discussed this before you don't "Owe" anyone or anything but the TRUTH. If you can confirm who lives there at the Bordello you have the right to report that fact.

Some may ask what relevance this has to Joe and Harlow sitting in jail awaiting trial.

Let me fill you in here,,if we learned for instance that Harlows relatives were living at Stratum Ct that is legitimate news.


Because we would need to know if they are paying rent or living rent free?


When Demtrious Fannick was hired for Harlow who was going to pay his fee?

If the same couple have arranged for Harlows family to live in the house I think you can draw a pretty good picture of whats going on.

The Kerkes family has made it very clear to Harlow Cuadra as long as you stay loyal to Joe we will take care of your family.

If Harlow were to testify against Joe all bets are off.

You see the reason we are interested WHO lives at the Bordello has a lot to do with this case its NOT an irrelevancy!

Far from it.

I would guess PC has been threatened, no surprise, its happened before the people on Joe and Harlow's side are not exactly ethical.

Yeah good "Christians" Mama and Papa Kerekes think they be,,,



What's interesting about this comment is the fact that Joseph Kerekes' family did sell their house the day after Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes were extradited to Pennsylvania. Perhaps it's not that hard to figure out where the money came from to hire Fannick, and what the Kerekes' family was promised - free housing perhaps?

We'll all know very shortly.