Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cuadra joins Kerekes Motion...

On September 22, 2008... Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. ordered prosecutors to provide Cuadra’s attorneys, Michael Senape and Stephen Menn, with all of the suppression-related evidence and documents they previously shared with Kerekes’ attorneys, John Pike and Shelley Centini.

Olszewski said he would allow Cuadra’s attorneys 10 days to review the material and consider filing their own motion or joining Kerekes’ request to suppress evidence seized from the vehicle he and Cuadra were riding in when they were arrested.

Well... Harlow Cuadra's attorneys filed a motion yesterday in joiner to Joseph Kerekes' previous motion to suppress physical evidence from the vehicle Virginia authorities seized after their 2007 arrest in Virginia.

More information about the orgininal motion can be found here.