Thursday, March 27, 2008

Harlow Cuadra Responds...

Apparently a new post has been made by the accused murder suspect Harlow Cuadra on his own personal blog... I'm already prepared to (not) assume this actually came out of his mouth... but hey... any PR is better than none I guess:

"For those of you that do not know my comments are shut down if you have a comment for me mail it to me at Lackawanna County Prison.

Then lets get on to the rest.

If you do not know the story do not try to tell it.

Some of you allow your imaginations to run way to much!

As for Mr. Fannick he will be representing me, I will be filing a notice of Appeal.

As for my court appointed lawyers they were never fired,( again a running imagination) they were relieved of duty when Mr. Fannick was retained.

Now as for the retaining of Mr. Fannick lets get this one straight so there is no confusion, The donations to legal defense fund paid for Mr. Fannick , it took nine months and alot of

support from people that actually care about me.

At no time did Joe’s parents contribute one penny to Mr. Fannicks retainer, they were not consulted when he was retained. When Mr. Fannick turned down representing Joe because of

issues, that is when my friends and family that represent me contacted Mr. Fannick about representing me. Mr. Fannick agreed to a price, we knew the price at christmas and were a

a few dollars short, it took the month of January to come up with the balance of his money. When that was done Mr. Fannick was sent a cashiers check for his fee. He then put in his

notice of appearance in my case.

There are alot of rumors and garbage being spread around by people that do not know what they are talking about. Alot of you have that dinner conversation in Las Vegas confused.

Just because Sean and Grant say it went that way does not mean that this is the truth.

As for Joe’s out bursts in court, well as we all know that is Joe and no one can stop him from running his mouth, whether it be truth, or fiction.

What I would suggest is do not believe everything that is posted on a blog because most of them do not know what is going on, they are just trying like the media to get someone’s

attention. They do this by making things up and putting what they want to be the truth out there. The truth will be told at trial.

Maybe in the mean time some of you should take a look into El’s crystal ball, he knows more then the rest because he has contact with me. Do you? No, you do not. So if you want to

know something check out his crystal ball, how the hell do you think he knows what everyone wears to the court appearances. DUH! Think one of you would of figured it out by now.

And since some of you are so good at digging shit up , then dig this up, when I was arrested in Virginia Beach, the knife purchased at the pawn shop was in the glove box of the car,

the Virginia Beach Police took it as property in the vehicle, a new knife in the box still wrapped in the paper from the date of purchase. So start doing your homework PC! Figure that

one out!

Pertaining to the post that was posted was anyone out there, yes, that was posted as joke. And for a long time it got no ones attention until one person decided to take note to it. At

least someone figured out finally that you can not post comments here. All you can do is listen to me rant on and on and you cant say shit about it. So if you perfer to read made up

stories please read the blogs you are reading for sure. But if you really want to know the truth then stop reading that trash. Sean and Grant know what they did was wrong, they

wanted someone to do harm to Brian, Joe and I were not the only one’s approached. They know this and so does the other person that will testify at trial. That story about that dinner

will hold no wieght they will be found not credible when they get caught in there own lies. They will eventually be tried in Luzerne County, the prosecution has not given them the gift

of immunity. They will never be given this because Luzerne County knows they had more to do with this then they are saying. The truth on this matter will come out, and they will

be prosecuted, along with Robert Wagner. It is just a matter of time. Just like my tiral is a matter of time, there arrest is a matter of time. So look deep into El’s crystal ball and when

they are arrested after the trial I will be the first to say ” I TOLD YOU SO”.

If the state had all the evidence they claim to have then there would not be a trial, they would of offered a plea deal and no such deal has ever been offered. Not once has the

District Attorney approached any of my counsel and put a deal on the table. There never has been one and there never will be one.

I'll be offering my own personal opinion shortly... to think that some accused Joe of not knowing when to stay quiet. :)