Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prosecution Files New Witness List

After being scolded by presiding Judge Peter Paul Olzsewski... the Commonwealth/Prosecution has just filed a supplemental response to Joseph Kerekes' Notice of Possible Alibi Defense.

Basically it's a revised witness list... no surprise really since the original list of 385 potential witnesses was a bit extreme.

I'll try to provide more information as soon as I can... meanwhile I can report that there doesn't appear to be any new additions to the list... it actually appears to have gotten smaller.

Update 3/19/08 @ 1:34 PM: On Tuesday the DA's office clarified some of those witnesses on the list, providing names and contacts for the witnesses that were listed only as "custodian of records". The list still remains at 385, so I stand corrected at thinking the list may have been reduced.