Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Temporarily Insane... or Just a Crazy Excuse?

On Saturday, March 22, 2008... fellow blogger Dewayne posted a well-written, open letter responding to Harlow Cuadra's latest, multiple blog post pleas:

"Hello is anyone out there?

I say is there anyone left out there?

Do you hear me? Do you believe in me? What the hell is going on? All the people have left!"

Meanwhile... a comment was posted by another well-known blogger named "Elm", and it included the statement that his "crystal ball" says:

"Fannick will go on to defend Harlow and get him off on a temporary insanity plea."

Now I don't know whether Elm made this statement in jest or in truth... but what I do know is that the evidence presented thus far, would surely squash any theory of this being a case of 'temporary insanity'... and here's why:

1. Harlow makes mention of Bryan going to Canada during the 'lamb dinner'.
2. Harlow does a background check on Kocis on 01/20/07.
3. Harlow uses the alias name "Danny Moilin" when talking to Kocis prior to the meeting.
4. Harlow & Joe are seen on video purchasing a knife and gun at Superior Pawn & Gun Shop the same day they rented the SUV they used to travel to PA.
5. Harlow makes incriminating statements after the murder to Sean and Grant at Black's Beach.

The list of premeditation's goes on... and I seriously doubt Harlow Cuadra just 'went crazy' for a brief moment that faithful night... especially considering the amount of 'documented' planning that took place prior to the murder.