Sunday, March 30, 2008

Will a New Trial Date be Set During this Next Hearing?

With Judge Olszewski approving Joseph Kerekes' attorneys request for "Motion for Enlargement of Time", then Harlow Cuadra's attorneys filing a motion of request to have more time to file pre-trial motions and to postpone the March trial date, and then the judge ordering that "trial in the within matter is hereby continued until further order of this court", and finally... we have the entire Harlow Cuadra/Demetrius Fannick mess... one surely has to wonder... when will the next trial date be announced?

Sadly to say... it probably won't be announced during the upcoming April 15th hearing.

Harlow Cuadra has 30 days to file for an appeal (assuming one can be done before the trial, and the jury's still out on that one) after the judge made his ruling... this still gives him several more days after the next hearing, and it's unlikely Olszewski will choose a date until after this time.

My best educated guess for a trial date... we're looking at sometime in June or July... and to think this was supposed to have started this month (March).

On a separate note... after reading the motions again, and carefully looking at the dates... it appears that I might have another post coming... "Those things that make you go hmm... (part duex)".