Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Can It Get Any More Delusional?

This was posted on Elm's blog earlier today... and while I appreciate the fact that there are people out there supporting all sides of this trial... this post just takes the cake for being a bit absurd (my comments injected in bold):

"Ladies and Gentleman it appears that Brent Corrigan has left the building. Is this in fact true or is it a joke?"

Personally... who cares?

"Harlow confirms something that was first reported on Jakesters blog.

The beach tapes are not the end all be all of this case."

It's good to see that Harlow's going to be on the jury too.

"It appears that there were no finger prints found at the crime scene and the DNA evidence is inconclusive. This is from a report in the courts discovery."

Discovery is not publicly released. It's only exchanged between prosecution, defense, and some experts. Not very many people at all get to see it. I don't think the judge even gets to see it. I'd like to see copies before I believe it.

"The beach tapes were necessary to pin this crime on Joe and Harlow. The sad thing is that they will not hold up in court because Joe and Harlow were aware of the fact that they were being recorded."

I will agree that the tapes were necessary... days 1 and 2... as to Joseph Kerekes and Harlow Cuadra being aware that they were being recorded... well okay... whatever. Joe made the mention during his jailhouse interview that it was Sean's sunglasses that were bugged - which was wrong ( a statement that DeWayne made originally in jest )... and had Harlow and Joe known, why not simply say: Nope, never met the man?

"Most of the information that they are said to have been the only ones to have is in fact not true. Several others were aware of this information before the beach tapes were recorded and the information was being shared behind the scenes."

... Again... proof please.

"Just like the police used the name Drake as a ploy to confuse and misdirect so were those behind the scenes who had the information that was presented on the beach tapes."

I think it was used to keep Harlow and Joe talking... which they clearly continued to do. The police simply didn't want them to think that they were known suspects, when in fact they were. It would appear that H & J fell for the bait.

"There are several people who had information about this case who in fact did not share it in the public forums or the blogs."

But I assume it was okay to share it with two people accused of murder? Once again... proof please.

"I for one have been called a liar on several occasions with regards to this case. Those who have an agenda have claimed that Bryan was not being investigated by the FBI. That is in fact false he was."

I hate to sound like a broken record... but proof please?

"Robert Wagner was in fact highly involved in Bryan's business affairs and will most likely be charged with conspiracy after the trial of Joe and Harlow concludes."

If Robert Wagner were so involved, why wouldn't the charges be filed now... why wait?

"The civil suit filled by the Kocis estate will be thrown out of court because it was improperly filed and the litigants were wrongly served."

This suit was filed on 01/08/08, and hasn't been thrown out yet... other than reading from the Clueless Blog, what legal basis do you have?

"Lee Bergeron will get his due in court as he will be sued and he will loose everything he has stolen from his business partners in the past. Can we say class action suit."

While I do hope Bergeron get's his day in court... class action status? I don't think so.

"Cobra Video and the Kocis estate will be facing Rico charges and Bryan's family will file bankruptcy to avoid losing all of their ill gotten gains."

Other than wishful thinking, it sure doesn't appear that the DA is in any hurry. This rumor's been circulating for more than a year, and to date nothing's happened, nor do I think anything will.

"There are documents to support all of this and just like some other bloggers who get information and report it I too get information. I just don't always report what I have. Somethings are better kept to yourself."

Ahh... the infamous 'I have proof, but I can't show you'.

"The Out magazine article came up very short with regards to what was shared with Michael Gross. It really is too bad he did not do a followup piece because he could shed some serious light on this whole case."

The one thing I can remember when speaking to Michael in regards to the story he did, was that he was very careful to verify things as fact. Perhaps the reason he didn't include some things that were shared with him was because there was no way to verify the claims. Gee... that sounds familiar.

"It looks like it was a slow news day on PC's blog because he had to come over here for a news story. I guess his imbedded spy in the Luzerne County court house took the day off or he was finally found out and fired. Pity that I wonder if Mr Melnick found out who was leaking info."

Elm, once again you come across as clueless and without proof as usual... hmm... I think I see a pattern. Guess it shouldn't be any more different than when you accused me of working for the Virginia Beach DA's office, or when you threatened to have the police show up at my door for posting Harlow Cuadra's debts. Ironically, I still have copies of all of your comments (eloise marcel). :)