Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An Open Chat With Elm on 7/27/07...

While some of this may be hard to follow... I've tried to differentiate who Elm is versus Me in regards to the Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes conversation... if you still have any question... please feel free to ask... trust me... there's some interesting stuff in this.

11:24 PM me: Well the police never showed up... guess they were to busy dealing with actual crimes :)
eloise: im glad
11:25 PM me: Elm, between you and I...
eloise: yeah
11:26 PM me: Please don't threaten me with things that we both know won't happen... as the police being at my door by 5pm today.
11:27 PM eloise: I thought they were because they were on the phone when you were instant messaged me.
11:28 PM me: ... okay... :)
11:29 PM Elm, I've already spoken with my attorney, and did so before that infamous post.
What are the police going to arrest me for... telling the truth?
11:30 PM eloise: thats fine, but they could have lost the house
me: You folks don't even know where I live.
eloise: yeah they do,
11:31 PM me: Okay... just like Harlow and Joe's house is worth $750k... Elm, it's been a pleasure knowing you, but I think you've become too BB.
11:32 PM eloise: no need to argue this point, its done just move on I have
11:33 PM don'ty be made at me I was just trying to stop something bad from possibly happening
11:35 PM me: I'm not mad at you Elm... I just can't understand why you would threaten me with police coming to my door when you know in reality that's not going to happen.
eloise: PC I am on the side of the truth. I was trying to stop you from getting in trouble because there were threats being made on the phone.
11:36 PM me: Perhaps we should ask Renee Vincent?
eloise: pc I was told that the police were going to come to you door.
11:38 PM PC she is just tring to help Joe and Harlow get there attorneys straightend out. that is all and the fact that she thought that you would jepordize that caused her to be scared.
11:39 PM PC I was on the phone when you instat maged me with renee
11:41 PM when I saw that I knew what you were goingto post beccause we were talking about the possibility of getting the house back.
me: So why would I be called a liar when you know I was telling the truth?
11:42 PM eloise: you don't understad what is going on behind the scenes ad it really is nt my place to tell you but you could have cause allot of people alot of problems just like ***** is right know.
whern did I call you a liar
11:43 PM me: I'm not ******, and I think you know that... nor do I follow his tactics.
eloise: if you are alking about the post she did on harlows blog thatwas a failed attempt at damage control
11:44 PM me: I was referencing to the nice long post Renee or whom ever did on Harlow's blog about me. I got a big laugh about being accused of being strait and seen with a blonde woman.
11:45 PM eloise: the major prolem with this wholecase is that here ae to many people telling to many storiesand not everyon has al the facts, myself included. if you have noticed I have been staing away form posting information about the proceedings because thay chang everyday
11:46 PM me: ... and as you've seen... I don't post anything that's not true.
11:47 PM The 'evidence' in regards to Renee wanting will be posted shortly... along with the screen captures of her rantings that are now deleted.
11:48 PM This wouldn't be:
eloise: there are peoples lives at stake here and I do notwant be responsible o ruining there chance at a fair trial or jeoperdizing there chance of getting good lawyers by something that I post on my blog. I have known about the huse deal fore over a week but I did not post it because I did not to take the chance and ruin it for them
11:50 PM me: Elm, as I've told you before... I'm here to print the truth... that's it.
eloise: go ahead and do it if it will make you happy but I would not do it .
fine print the truth but you don't have to hurt pople to do that.
11:51 PM me: I have no intention or reason to disclose who Renee is... that really doesn't have anything to do with the case.
11:52 PM I just wanted to let you know... I know as well.
eloise: I try not to hurt people who are tying to help just the one who are rying to cause problems for others. why are you telling me this any way you are going to do what you want to do anyway
11:53 PM me: I gave you my promise... I haven't lied to you yet have I?
11:54 PM eloise: I would rather not know about it. I think she is a nice woman who has taken an interest in someo who she could have easily judst have let sit in jail with no hope in the world.
11:55 PM ok heres the deal i you repeat this it is over. She took out a second on her home to retain the layer for harlow. the sale of the house is to pay that second off. that is why she was so pissed. get it
11:56 PM me: I get it... but I don't really see what she would have gotten...
eloise: now do you understand? this is noeven her child but she did this for him
11:57 PM me: The house, including the 2nd mortgage didn't offer much equity.
11:58 PM If you read my latest post... you'll also see that 750 is pie in the sky.
eloise: you are basing the vsalue on the assessed value for the taxes not the appraised value for resale I explained t on you blog
me: I'm basing it on homes that are for sale, or have sold in the 16 home neighborhood.
12:00 AM eloise: PC the house is over 4300 sqft and it is all custom through ot and it is in an exclusive neighbothood and it isright next to a golf course and a country club renee lives dwn the srtreet and she is amortgage broker I tink she would know the value
12:01 AM me: What ever elm.
eloise: you can not base the vale of one house against the nex unless the are idintical and these are all custom homes so they are all different
me: I think I posted some stuff Renee wasn't expecting.
12:02 AM So one house out of 16 is worth 250-300k more than the rest?
eloise: why are we even talking about this any more it is done
12:03 AM that is possible
12:04 AM as far as I"m concerned it's a done deal. its been posted and we wil see if the judge signs off on it. if he does then great if he does not then to bad. at least they had some hope.
12:07 AM me: I'm pretty sure he will... what I don't like is being called a liar. Renee knew what I said was the truth... yet she decided to spin it in a way to make it appear as if I wasn't telling the truth... no big deal... as soon as the deed is changed (from the State) it will be posted.
12:09 AM I have nothing against the Harlow camp... other than it's not smart to make statements that aren't true... like the police being at my door by 5 today.
eloise: i can justhope that it is signed off and all is well
12:10 AM renee thinksof harlow as her child and se will do anything to protect him
12:11 AM that is a typical mothers responce
me: Elm, just to let you know... the sale of the house information wasn't given to me by an attorney. Perhaps Renee should start questioning Kerekes.
12:12 AM eloise: why would he do that?
me: Kerkes spans more than one person.
12:13 AM Why would Joe give some idiot response to the press? There's lot's of questions.
eloise: that isfine thewn you shouldnot feel like it is a problem
12:14 AM me: I never did.
eloise: then lets just consider the matter closed and move on
12:15 AM it is yesterdays new anyway
me: That's what I asked for yesterday ;)
12:16 AM I'm not here to get in a fight, claim news that isn't true, etc...
12:17 AM eloise: I am just getting so tired of all of the name calling and backstabbing that is involved in this case. it is just truly sickening.
12:18 AM me: I don't disagree... and if you haven't noticed... that's not happening on my blog.
12:19 AM eloise: you just do what you have to do and I will fight my battles an maybe just maybe justice will be served
12:20 AM me: I deleted several posts today because it doesn't go with the story, and I'm not interested in personal fights, or **'s trying to promote his site.
12:21 AM eloise: If you are reffereing to ***** and bb they came after me. I want do do allot more but everytime I make apost the lying leeches attack.
12:22 AM me: I hate to say it, but BB is a lot more civil than **.
eloise: Look I have to go and slay some liars.
12:23 AM me: I don't know either... but I'll allow a post from BB ( assuming it's topic worthy )... I won't allow any post from **, and his many aliases.
12:24 AM eloise: no he is not he just starts shit and sits back and enjoys the fall out. he is really no better than Bryan. he just want to destroy Sean and Grant.
12:25 AM me: Well you don't see any battles on my site... and you won't ;
eloise: ****** just posts flat out lies
me: Elm, as always it's a pleasure talking/chatting with you.
12:26 AM eloise: ame here good night
me: 'til the next time ;)
Good night

Shall I continue Elm?