Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Plan "A", Plan "B", or Plan "Me"?

Ever since Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes where considered suspects in the murder of Bryan Kocis, Joe's always seemed to have had a 'plan', and he was never afraid to state it... from 'we never knew the guy and Harlow was in VA with a client' to... 'I was at the Fox Ridge Inn doing e-mails, while Harlow was visiting Bryan.'

Joe's 'plans' don't make a whole lot of sense... but then again, is that really a surprise:

Plan A: "Alibi defense that stated he was out of the state the night Kocis was killed".

One quick look at the registration he signed (showing his Virginia Driver's Licence Number) when checking in at the Fox Ridge Inn would find that statement invalid. Not to mention the pings from PA towers to his cell phones numerous times... yep, bad idea... scrap Plan "A".

Plan B: "Alibi that states he was at a Plains Township motel when the murder occurred."

I'm not sure how Joe plans to prove this, as it's fairly obvious that his previous statements about having an email alibi, can easily be debunked.

And again... we have evidence of wireless devices owned and registered to Joe, pinging from cell towers in Dallas, PA. ( too far for it to be from the Fox Ridge Inn).

Plan Me: Throughout this entire ordeal, it's been pretty easy to see who Joe's looking after... forget about being 'partners' with Harlow for years... it's time for the survival of the 'fittest'... and it doesn't appear that Joe has any problem with taking prisoners... or at least giving them up first.