Friday, April 11, 2008

Kerekes' Attorneys: Witness List Designed to Hamper Defense

Update: Prosecutors said in a brief filed Friday that Kerekes may be planning two potential alibis — one in which he claims he was at the motel and another in which he claims he was out of the state at the time.

“The Commonwealth must be prepared to meet any and all proposed alibis espoused by (Kerekes),” the prosecutors, Jackie Carroll Musto, Michael Melnick, Timothy Doherty and Shannon Crake, said.

The Citizen's Voice is reporting that attorneys for Joseph Kerekes filed a memorandum Friday arguing a prosecution witness list of 385 people is designed to hamper his defense.

The attorneys said the witness list is "inclusive of immaterial witnesses," who have little or no knowledge of the case. They said the tactic "unlawfully hampers the defense from effectively preparing its case."

Attorneys John Pike, Mark Bufalino and Shelley Centini requested the court prohibit prosecutors from introducing evidence or testimony to rebut Kerekes' alibi defense.

"The said list identified 385 prospective witnesses, some of which have no knowledge of Kerekes' whereabouts on the day and time of the alleged crime," the attorneys said.

If Judge Peter Paul Olzsewski Jr. rules that prosecutors can present a rebuttal of Kerekes' alibi, his attorneys said they would request additional funding from the district attorney's office to hire investigators to interview all 385 witnesses.