Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lie... then Hope Someone Believes You?

This all orginally started with accused murder suspects Harlow Cuadra, and Joseph Kerekes making numurous false statements a few months/years ago to the public, police, media, etc...:

Harlow & Joe... Lying They Know
The Questions Kerekes Poses
Joseph Kerekes' Email Alibi Doesn't Add Up
Interview, Surveillance & I'm Not Afraid
And Lie They Did
Harlow Lies to Newswatch 16
Joe lies to the Citizen's Voice
Harlow's Jacket of Mystery
Kerekes' Outburst in Court

... and that's just a really small sample.

Meanwhile... there's still apparently some supporters of Harlow and Joe, that are caught in these same kind of lies as well:

Elm 1,2,3 - Update: Elm also admits to reporting a Lie (comment 2) on his own blog. (Or was it a lie about telling a lie?)

Then we have The Jakester... need I say more.

Here's hoping that the truth will prevail at trial, and I don't think it'll be coming from an Angel.