Friday, April 4, 2008

An open chat with Elm part deux..

"elmysterio said... PC post it all I really don't give a fuck. You seem to think that you can hurt me with your threats but the fact is you can't. I have all of the same posts and emails that you have. Go for it."

Okay Elm... while I have no interest in hurting you... I will post more... and to think the last one was crazy... there's still more:

Chat on 07/25/07:

me: Elm, we're getting ready to break the 'blessed' news... I'll explain more after the post.
9:12 PM eloise: whaT BLESSED NEWS?
me: as Reene calls it.
9:13 PM me: You'll see... give me a bit... was just giving you a head's up as a friend.
eloise: OK9:17 PM me: I'll let you know when it's posted.
9:18 PM BTW... if there's anything I can help with in regards to the ** stuff... let me know.
9:19 PM eloise: pc you better watch what you post because you will be sued
me: I don't think so.
eloise: so you need to tell me what it is
me: You'll see.
9:21 PM eloise: PC I am serious about this you better watch what you post because attorneys are being called right now
me: That's okay... an attorney told me this.
9:22 PM eloise: then the attorney could be disbarred and you will be servewdf by 5PM tommorow
me: Elm, there's no reason to be like that... you don't even know what I'm going to post.
9:23 PM eloise: pc I am serious Iam not saying this the party involved is me: Well we'll go from there...
9:24 PM eloise: so you will be sued because privledged information can get you slapped with crimnal charges tommorow
9:25 PM me: Again... you don't even know what I'm going to say... no reason to assume.
9:26 PM eloise: PC you need to tell me and I will not post it but I am trying to save your ass
9:27 PM me: hold on...
9:30 PM eloise: pc you will be arreseted and and the attorney who told you will be disbarred
eloise: I'm on the pjhone with renee
me: With all due respect, I can't be arrested, trust me.
9:31 PM eloise: pc she is on the phne with an attorney as we speak
9:32 PM she is not playing and she will have you arrested
me: Elm, she can't... there's no reason to even make that statement.
eloise: you will be arrested I am trying to protect you
9:33 PM then you better post it before the cops get there she is already pissed at you so wy push it
9:34 PM me: Elm, I'm sorry I brought up the conversation.
eloise: don't be sorry just be smart
9:35 PM if you got any information from ***** he will get arrested to
me: I think you know better than that.
9:38 PM eloise: pc they know who you are
9:39 PM me: I don't care... I know who 'they' are too.
9:41 PM eloise: PC you really don't understand this this is big and you be busted
]9:42 PM they are coming to get you and I am not lying
me: Elm, we've chatted a lot, and I've always considered you as a friend. These threats of being 'busted' are unfounded... I've already spoken with an attorney, and I'm not breaking the law in the least. Again... you don't even know what's going to be said... why the attitude?
9:43 PM eloise: if you got proivledge infrmation form an attorney that attorney will be disbarred. me: Let's go ahead and just end this conversation.
9:44 PM eloise: pc just tell me and we can end all of this
9:45 PM PC I realy don't give a rats ass what it is and i will not try nd scoop you9:46 PM there are allot of people who are really pissed right now and you will be loocked up
9:47 PM are you there
9:51 PM pc are you there
9:55 PM pc are you there
9:56 PM me: Yes Elm, I'm still here... please don't threaten me with legal recourse, because there isn't any... have Ree's attorney's state what law I've broken.
9:57 PM eloise: renee's attorney will be on the phone in a minute
9:58 PM this can not be released until a judge signs of on the deal
9:59 PM this is serious did you talk t one of oe and harlows attorney
me: Again Elm, you seem to assume what I know... even though I never told you.
10:00 PM eloise: then tell me and we can put an end to this
me: It's posted.
eloise: I promise I wont pst it you can if it is not what I think it is
10:01 PM you fucked up big time
10:02 PM someone is gooing to get disbarred and you will be an accesory to the fact10:04 PM that was client attorney client privledged information and you will be served by 5PM.
10:05 PM me: Apparently someone told the press... that's how we got it.
10:06 PM eloise: PC its to late for that you told me you got it from an attorney and they will be disbarred
me: Whatever Elm... have a good evening, and hope to chat with you when you're in a better mood.
10:07 PM eloise: I'm in a fine mood I was just trying to protect you but you went and blw it.
10:08 PM me: Elm, as much as you might be upset... I haven't broken any law. I'm simply reporting what was given to me by sources in PA and VA.
10:10 PM eloise: you really should not have done this
10:11 PM me: I apologize if you're upset... but I'm only simply reporting what's being done.
10:12 PM eloise: I know that but you can't do this because it is news you have to wait until it was finallized why would you attempt to damage Joe an Harlow chanct to get ther attorney's paid
10:13 PM It reqal;l makes nop sense to me that you would do this well that little port probably juswt undid it
10:14 PM well that little report just most likely undid it
10:15 PM you don't seem to understand what you have done now the state of virginia will just take the house back
10:16 PM you are really not looking at the big picture here
10:17 PM this was not to be mentioned until a judge signed the order and now that most like;ly won't happen
10:19 PM I guess you just basically signed their death warrant
10:20 PM me: No I didn't... I'm just telling the truth.
eloise: that was to pay the down paynment for there attorney
10:21 PM now they will have to have a public defender so I guess you did me:
Elm... they're home had no value... especially with the second mortgage.
10:22 PM eloise: you don't know that, you have no clue what the value of the house was
10:23 PM you are basing your value on the accesed value not the market value
10:24 PM me: Elm... I live here.
eloise: do you own a home?
me: Yep... bought it 3 years ago.
10:25 PM eloise: I deal with homes eveyday and they are always worth more than the acessed value is it a house or a condo
10:27 PM homes have a different value whewn accessed tha a condo would me: It's a 3700 sq ft house sitting on just shy of an acre.
10:28 PM eloise: and is it in the city proper? or in a outlying area
me: It resides in the City of Norfolk.
10:29 PM I'm in E. Ocean View... just a walk across the street from VB.
10:30 PM eloise: virginia beach has a higher value norfolk would and halows house was in an exclusive neighborhood close to a counrty club
10:31 PM did you buy it from judy boone?
me: Harlow's neighbor's house just sold for 379k... trust me... I keep up with real estate prices too :)
10:33 PM eloise: there have been no sales in birdneck woods in the last 7 months and harlow's mom is in real estate and she keeps track of that area
10:34 PM me: Elm, I'm not going to get in an arguement with you... but the seller has 2 lots left ( out of the 17 ) and is currently listing a house now for $425k... and it hasn't even been built yet.
10:37 PM eloise: those lotas are oddly shape and the houses have to be smaller to fit on the lots. harlow's house was 4572 sqft custom built home
10:38 PM me: Elm, with all due respect... I hope Harlow's mom, as a real estate agent can sell it for as much as she can.
10:40 PM eloise: that is fine and good but you really did jepordize their defense and you could have possibly set the case for several months
me: That
10:41 PM 's certainly not my intention.
eloise: any way does it make you feel good that you could have possibly ruined thre chances to a fair trial.
me: My intention since the begining... ( what May/June? ) is to tell the truth... I think I've done a pretty good job of that.
10:43 PM eloise: yeah you had so far but this was pushing the limits
10:44 PM me: I'm only publishing the information given to me.., I certainly don't make this stuff up like **, and others.
10:47 PM eloise: you do realize that Harlow's blog is written by his girl friend. And she supports Harlow 100% and is helping him raise money for his legal fee's
me: His girl friend?
eloise: yup10:48 PM the real deal
10:49 PM me: Where's the police Elm? I don't hear anyone knocking on my door?
eloise: and she misses his hard loveboneand you ight have ruineder chaces to ride the stiff oneagain
10:50 PM sitr tight she is truly pissed
10:51 PM me: How long has he had this 'girl' friend?
eloise: quite a while from what I undersnd me: Well tell her it's nothing personal... just a media thing.
10:52 PM eloise: do you work for the media?
10:54 PM me: I'm out.