Saturday, April 5, 2008

Round Three: Elm's Theories...

Since it's another "slow news day" for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes... why not post some more chat transcripts... and I'll repeat... Google Chat... not email... so I'm not real sure why the email issue ever came up.

To quote a recent comment made on Jim's blog by Elm: "We all have our sources and some of us just know how to keep our mouths shut." - Kind of ironic isn't it?


11:49 PM me: Hey Elm
11:50 PM eloise: hey whats up?
me: Not much... interesting last couple of days... to say the least.
eloise: true that
11:51 PM It looks like Joe is playing right into the hands of the police.
11:53 PM me: I'm not sure what to make of it to be honest... brb... bathroom break.
eloise: ok
11:54 PM me: I'm back
eloise: ok
me: It surprised me a little to be honest.
eloise: why?
11:55 PM me: I didn't expect anyone in their right-mind to admit being in PA, renting a car, and visiting Kocis house.
eloise: Look a it this way they reaqlly do not have attorneys and they are at the mercy of public deffenders
11:56 PM that is precisely why h did it
me: I spoke to Mike at Out about this, this morning... we seemed to be both shaking our heads.
11:57 PM The only 'official' comment I've gotten thus far is from the DA in VA, which stated: " I'm not surprised".
11:58 PM eloise: well it is understandable that he would do somethng like this. he was segragated from all communication and he said it himelf he was in solitary
11:59 PM that is basically what they do to prisoners when they want them to squeal
12:00 AM me: As I told Mike, and perhaps he just didn't get my lingo... "guess the interigators are doing their jobs"
12:01 AM eloise: the police really have no clue as to what is really involved here.
12:03 AM me: I wouldn't be so fast on that one. From the folks that I've talked to, they seem to believe they know quite a bit... and I'd have to agree to be honest.
12:06 AM eloise: They know about the Joe and Harlow angle, I would agree but did Joe and Harlow really do this? Are they just the most likely suspects? The real question is why would they do this? to work with Sean lockhart, That makes no sense to me. if you kill someone to be around me I am heading for the hills.
12:09 AM me: I agree, and respectfully disagree. Does the whole 'plot' make sense... no. Where Harlow and Joe in some serious debt... Yes. Guess that'll be something that's looked at for motive.
12:11 AM I reviewed their credit record, and one car that they
12:12 AM 'previously' owned had a monthly payment of over $900
12:13 AM eloise: yeah but the had assets that could be sold. so that still does not work for me. everyone is in debt. when you say serious debt are you talking about what they owed? as to that I have a friend wohhas 50,000 plus in credit card debt and he is also under the gun for 4 mortgages to a tune of 1.5 million but he has the home that he could sale and all be fine and good so debt is purely subjective
me: When I say previously... that would mean before the arrest.
12:14 AM eloise: they had some high end Cars that is true but the question is were the purchased por leased?
12:15 AM me: They had over 900k in debt, mostly the cars and house. Credit cards came next. There was a Citi card that was owed over $100K.
12:16 AM eloise: I will admit that they had allot of stuff but than again we all have a lot of stuff.
were they maing the payments?
12:17 AM me: The last I looked there were over 7 accounts that where past-due... and this was last month.
12:18 AM eloise: wll that would be understandable dur to the circumstances
me: Some accounts actually showed a past-due balance before the arrest. ( off the record naturally )
12:19 AM eloise: well I can say this I pay bills when I have the money you probalbly do as well so what is so strange about that
12:20 AM me: There's nothing really strange about it... I'm simply stating what was found.
12:21 AM eloise: If you want to base your reason on why they did this based on their credit report you might want to check the credit reports of a few other people as well
me: When the accused make statements about making a million dollars, at the same time that's about what they owe... hmm... makes one wonder.
12:23 AM Elm, my conversation with you is off the record... I'm simply talking to you as a 'friend'... nothing else.
eloise: yeah know but I still say the motive is suspect. they might not e the brghtest bulbs in the lamp but I can pretty much tell you that they would not do this for the chance to work with Sean Lockhart. especially if there was no agreement in place to do so.
yeah I know
12:24 AM do you have clue what a porn movie really makes?
me: I've heard you say that several times... what really makes you thin Joe and Harlow aren't a part of this?
12:25 AM eloise: If you make a 150,000 you did good
me: Depends on who you ask ;)
12:26 AM eloise: I don't think they killed Bryan but I think there is more to this than we all currantly know.
12:27 AM me: Again... nothing to be reported elsewhere... if Harlow and Joe ( who now reports to being at the scene )... who could it be?
12:30 AM eloise: as I have said that Bryan was into some dirty stuff and the people who were involved in this dirty stuff did not want to be to high profile. Bryan was doing just that making it profile. he as a risk to some very high powered and influential people. has it occured to you that Joe and Harlow are probably able to destroy the reputions of some high placced political people? it just goes to figure kill 2 birds with one stone
12:31 AM me: Elm, you know I've never spoken badly about your stinky ass ( ala ******* ), the whole 'high-interest' John's just don't make sense. Where are they today?
12:35 AM eloise: why would you ask me that question? they were escorts you know this. who hires escorts? people who don't want it known that they are 1 Gay,2 Married 3 in a hig power position or 4 all of the above. so it just stands to reason. look at they're location. how far from DC were they and the had their home set up to see their clients.
12:36 AM me: I guess I have a problem with beleiving who was in their client list. Wasn't it Harlow that stated that they 'played' with
12:37 AM Senators, etc... and in the same post boasted about jets and yachts they never had?
12:38 AM eloise: smart people don't own jets or ycts they lease or rent them. the upkeep will break you
me: Smart people know they didn't do either ;)
12:39 AM eloise: this is why you do not see any of joe or Harlow's former John's coming forward to help him they are scared that they will be outed in the press.
12:40 AM so what did you find ot about Barry taylor
12:41 AM me: I would say that it looks like ( from the RICO stuff) ... everyone involved will be made public.
12:42 AM eloise: not if they do not have details asto their client list
12:43 AM me: Nothing more that was already known... this whole story about he was required to leave as their defense is false. I'll be covering some of this tomorrow in my blog.
12:44 AM eloise: ok no details just that it is false?
12:45 AM why would he lie about it
12:46 AM me: You'd have to ask him that question... I'll post the story tomorrow... can't let the cat out of the bag too early ;)
eloise: ok
12:47 AM me: I trust that you wouldn't say anything... I just don't feel like having to type the story twice.
12:49 AM eloise: I trulym sring to loose interest in this whole sordid mess as my last post proves. I don't really even read the news reports anymore. the blogs are all on there own mission of destruction and I just don't think I want to be a part of it anymore.
12:50 AM I will just say this you are innocent until proven guilty and thats al I have to say on that.
me: I agree. Most of the blogs have become nothing more than a fantasy fest.
12:51 AM eloise: or hate spreaders
12:52 AM I read somewhere the reason that the gay community will nevr get anywhere is because f tere petty attitude towards one and other. and I tend to agree with that.
12:54 AM me: I guess it depends upon the definition of hate. If some has a rightfull disagreement, with backup - I personally don't consider it hate... if it's just plain stupidness... then yes... and it's quickly deleted from my blog... which it should from others as well.
eloise: It really is sad that we as a community will let someone like Bryan Destroy the lives of young gay men just so a select few can get they're rocks of by watching these young men risk their lives.
12:56 AM me: I won't disagree with you there... yet it's equally stupid to let the younger crowd think it's okay to kill someone that may be deranged.
1:01 AM eloise: it is in my opinion really quite sad how everyone attacked Brent about leaving cobra. yet they never made a statement about Bryan being killed in such a awful way. Bryan was killed to make a point to those who do not listen and do what they are told to do. that would be all of the models who worked for cobra video if you have noticed very few models have come forward with anything negative to Say about Bryan. His murder was a message to them to shut up. I can almost Gaurantee you that any models who do come forward will start to turn up missing or will be killed under supicioiuus circumstances.
me: Elm, don't forget it's 1:01 AM here ;)
1:02 AM eloise: ok well I have to go any way so I will chat with you later
1:03 AM me: Okay... didn't mean we had to end the chat... but hope to talk with you again soon.
1:04 AM eloise: ok I have to go and get something to eat and run acouple of errand before the stores close
so we can chat in the next couple of days
1:07 AM me: Enjoy your shopping... hope you're not cutting it too close.
1:08 AM eloise: 24 hour grocery restrant closes at midnight
me: So much for 24 hrs ;)
1:09 AM eloise: yeah great for the nocturnal
1:10 AM me: lol... enjoy your shopping... I'll talk to you tomorrow ( perhaps )... and thanks for wasting some time with me. :)
eloise: no time is wasted if you enjoy yourself
1:11 AM me: As long as it's enjoyed by all... then no waste at all... still a pleasure though.
1:12 AM eloise: cool gotta go later days dude
me: Have a great evening!