Friday, March 14, 2008

Those Things That Make You Go Hmm...

Joseph Kerekes, Demetrius Fannick, Harlow Cuadra

In a recent post, Jim made the following comment/theory that really got me thinking:

"The Kerekes family can actually scrape together some assets (by selling a home) and so they begin to interview Demetrius Fannick a few months ago. Fannick begins visiting Joe in prison, they discuss the case, cobbling up various cock-and-bull stories they can pitch to a jury.

Before that, in fact, Joe's jailhouse interview attempted to place all the blame for the murder on Harlow, while an innocent Joe was back at the Fox Ridge Inn surfing the net.

The Cuadra family is not stupid, they see which way this is all headed: Joe with a fancy lawyer shifts all the blame to Harlow, which they w/o the means to hire a more aggressive and imaginative attorney cannot match.

I believe at this point the Cuadras blackmailed the Kerekes: give us a fancy-pants lawyer too, or Harlow cuts a deal...IDing Joe as the murderer."

With that in mind... let's rewind back to October 30, 2007, when BB announced on his blog that Harlow was about to accept a plea deal. Now most folks doubted this story since it never made mainstream press, and no other bloggers really mentioned it (including myself).

... But... we also didn't know then, what we know now... so let's take a look back at the events that took place during that time:

1. 10/26/07 - Joseph Kerekes has his first meeting with Demetrius Fannick.

2. 10/30/07 - BB makes a post on his blog that Harlow may accept a plea deal.

3. 10/30/07 - Joseph Kerekes again meets with Demetrius Fannick.

So did Joe find out about the pending plea deal, and was then able to put a stop to it by offering Fannick to Harlow? (after spending months discussing fees naturally).

The entire timeline of events is either a strange coincidence... or just perhaps... Jim's theory holds some weight and BB was correct.

Things that make you go hmm...