Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July Fireworks...

With the July 8th & 9th hearing fast approaching, I wanted to consolidate all of my previous posts in to one easy to read resource... so here's the latest information known:

1. Witnesses expected to attend.
2. Motions that should be addressed.

The motions hearing for Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM (EDT) on the 8th, and I assume it'll be the same for the 9th. There will be a break for lunch around 12 or 12:30, this break usually lasts for an hour. During this break, I'll be posting a mini-update, then a full update will follow around 4:30 PM, or shortly after the day's hearing actually ends (in the event it runs longer than scheduled).

Ironically, a source tells me that: "it all depends upon PPO's mood. If it's going to be an all-day event, he'll probably take 15 minutes around 10:30 and an hour somewhere around noon. But you never know with PPO. He's a workhorse. If he wants to get stuff done, he'll take less or shorter breaks."

So needless to say, updates will be done when time is permitted.

The other reason for this post is that I'd like to hear from you... what would you like to see reported?

I can certainly tell you that I'm already expecting there to be a few surprises... guess we'll see. :)